SJTU-UNIDO Joint Research Institute for Green Growth

The SJTU-UNIDO Joint Research Institute for Green Growth, with the joint support of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and Shanghai Jiao Tong University, was established under SIPA, SJTU, with the aim of building a first-class platform of a research think-tank and international cooperation with integrated and innovative disciplines. Since its establishment, this Institute has been focusing on the areas of green growth, circular economy, resource efficiency and environmental management, and policy analysis. It obtains information on the latest international developments through participation in UN projects, and conducts multilateral cooperation with organizations in the European countries, United States, and Japan. The Institute is working closely with the UNIDO Shanghai Investment Promotion Center to establish a sustainable technology application center and jointly promote the transformation of industrial green growth and the construction of eco-industrial parks in the Yangtze River Delta region so as to achieve coordinated regional development.