In the initial stage, WiiTs focused on three technology fields, including Advanced Digital Production (ADP), Green Growth (GG) and Medicine & Health(M&H). It established an online technology cooperation platform through utilizing UNIDO websites, organizing online and offline business-matchmaking, introducing various global technology forums, facilitating effective technology transfer and providing capacity building to professional technology partners. It is believed by participating in the discussion and formulation of technical standards, China’s technology and innovation will be promoted, advanced technology and human resources will be integrated, and the global technology application market will be further developed, thus building a global industrial technology innovation cooperation enabling and empowering platform. 

World Industrial and Innovative Technology Cooperation WiiTs

The WiiTs aims to collaborate with global industrial technology innovators, industrial manufacturers, product globalization users, financial service providers and technology partners to create industrial technology innovation and an international cooperation ecosystem, and promote technological innovation and inclusive and sustainable industrial development. 

Launching World Industrial Innovative Technology Cooperation Initiative

Focus Area

Green Growth (GG)
Advanced Digital Production (ADP)
Medicine & Health (M&H)
Investment & Fund (I&F)

Swedish Institute of Environmental Sciences
Sophia Angel Investment Network in France
BGTA and Cambridge Innovation Academy in UK
East China Branch of China Academy of Information and Communications Technology  
Baidu Innovation Center, TechNode, IDEO and etc.

Technology Identification
Technology Screening Criteria
Sharing of Global Technology and Project Resource
Research Technology Trends

Introduction of Technical Marketization
Case Analysis of Global Technology Consulting Company
Technology Partner Capacity Building
Technology Partner Authentication

Global High-level Resources Matchmaking
Global Technical Cooperation (Technical Licensing and Collaboration) 
Beyond Border Innovation
Technology Application Open Platform
Technology Application Cases Collection
Technological Marketization Evaluation
Experts Committee
Government Supports
Social Capital Inflows
Technology Patent Protection