National Basic Science Center Academic Committee was established and academic seminar was held


On November 28th, Academician Chen Xiaohong, Visiting Professor of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Chief Professor of SJTU-UNIDO Joint Institute of Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development, President of Hunan University of Technology and Industry, and Honorary Dean of Business School of Central South University, led the establishment of the academic committee of the approved National Basic Science Center project "Theory and Application of Resource and Environment Management in the Era of Digital Economy" and The academic seminar was held in the conference room of South Building of Science and Education of Central South University. Academician Hou Zengqian, Deputy Director of NSFC, Zhu Zhongming, Vice Governor of Hunan Provincial People's Government, and Zhang Dafang, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Political Consultative Conference attended the ceremony, and Professor Geng Yong, Director of SJTU-UNIDO Joint Institute of Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development, attended the meeting as a member of the project team.

In the presence of the leaders and academicians, the National Basic Science Center of "Theory and Application of Resource and Environment Management in the Era of Digital Economy" was inaugurated in Central South University. After that, Zhu Zhongming and Hou Zengqian awarded the appointment letters to the members of the academic committee, management committee, chief scientist and consultant of the National Basic Science Center. After the ceremony, an academic seminar was held immediately afterwards. The symposium was divided into two stages, which were chaired by Academician Peng Suping, former Director of the Department of Energy and Mining Engineering and Director of the State Key Laboratory of Coal Resources and Safe Mining of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Academician Liu He of the China Petroleum Exploration and Development Research Institute. Academician Xie Heping, former President of Sichuan University, Academician Zhao Wenzhi, former President of China Petroleum Exploration and Development Research Institute, Academician Wang Hao, Director of State Key Laboratory of Basin Water Cycle Simulation and Regulation, and Professor Wang Anjian, Chief Scientist of Global Mineral Resources Strategy Research Center, Institute of Mineral Resources, China Geological Survey and Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, delivered a lecture on the theme of "Geothermal Energy, CCU and Exploration of New (Future) Technologies for Hydrogen Production from Seawater - Shenzhen Re-Entrepreneurship", "Digital Technologies in Energy Transition", "A Preliminary Exploration of Intelligent Water Services", and "The Post-Epidemic Era of China's Energy Efficiency". The academic reports of "China's Energy Resources Supply Chain Security in the Post-Epidemic Era". Academician Chen Xiaohong gave a lecture on the theme of "leading the frontier of disciplines, breaking through core technologies, and building the original innovation highland of resource, energy and environment wisdom management in the digital economy".

Finally, academician Liu He hosted the free seminar session. The academicians and experts spoke freely on the construction of the academic committee of the National Basic Science Center and how to promote the development of the center, and put forward many constructive opinions and suggestions.

It is reported that the National Basic Science Center is the highest positioned science foundation project of the National Natural Science Foundation of China so far, the project is located in building "academic highland, talent highland, think tank highland", aiming at the international scientific frontier, seizing the high point of international scientific development, forming a number of original achievements with important international impact, with significant strategic leadership, scientific and technological originality, frontier breakthrough power, in the promotion of China's innovation-driven strategy in an important position. On November 1, the Shanghai branch of the National Center for Basic Sciences was inaugurated at the Xuhui Campus of Shanghai Jiaotong University. The location of the center in SJTU has put forward higher requirements and newer challenges for the university to actively serve the national major development strategies. In the future, SJTU will further deepen the cooperation with relevant co-founders, and focus on promoting the deep cross-fertilization of multiple disciplines to meet the major strategic needs of national ecological civilization construction and high-quality economic development.