National Advisors

Ian Shih


    Ian Shih


         Rockwell Automation China President

an Shih has served as Rockwell Automation China President since July 2018 and is responsible for overall business operations in mainland China.Taiwan and Hong Kong. Ian is the first Chinese President of Rockwell Automation China.Since joining the cumpany in 2008,lan's cxpcricnce of working in China,North America,South Amcrica, Furope and many other regions allows him to professionally deal with cross-regional and cross-cultural challenges.During his tenure,Ian was responsible for leading the acquisition of Ilarbin Jiuzhou Electric Co.,Ltd.'s IIV drive business,one of the most important acquisitions made by Rockwell Automation China.After serving as China President,Ian Shih led the team to promote the implementation of intelligent manufacturing in China and support the transformation and upgrading of Chinese industry. 

Ian Shih holds a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and a Master of Manufacturing Management(M.M.M.)degree from Pennsylvania State University.